I'm a dirty Mommy
with even dirtier interests.

Just call me Mommy.

I need a sweet little boy to nurse on mommy’s tits for awhile. They’re swollen :(

Mm, I need young cock bad.

Anonymous whispered :
Oh, Mommy, that feels good when you stroke me. Your nipples taste so good, let me flick them with my tongue.

Oh god, son, don’t stop. You’re going to make mommy’s pussy so wet, mm..


Boshi Destiny Part 2

Anonymous whispered :
Sucking on those nipples, would make your little boy so hard, mommy.

Mmm, come suck on Mommy’s nipples then baby. I’ll stroke your thick growing cock while you do ;)

My friend’s son is 16 years old, and is something of a nephew to me since I’ve known his mother so long. But he’s such a sexy young man. Toned and handsome, with nice big hands. I just imagine how hot it would be to have his hard young cock in me.. Mmm, makes Mommy so wet.

Mommy’s back ;)